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About us

The equipment for repair of hockey sticks.

Repair hockey sticks – we make these processes easier!

Systems for shaft repair, systems for blade repair, pre-fixed devices for blades, automatic control of curing, compression machines for blades, repair materials, binders and more. We offer our customers a high quality, modern equipment!


Monster Repair Systems develops and manufactures the equipment and processes associated with the repair and restoration of hockey sticks.

Today, the equipment manufactured by Monster Repair Systems according to their technical and functional characteristics of the exceed available on the market counterparts at a price several times smaller. When choosing MRS as a supplier of technological equipment for repair of hockey sticks that you complement your workshop, store, ice rink, equipment with high capacity and opportunities.

Wide versatility, ease of use, minimal dimensions and extremely low cost makes this equipment very attractive to any customer!

Advantages of our equipment.

All equipment is made on modern Metalworking CNC machines, with high precision, by applying a protective layer of powder paint.
Hardware warranty of 12 months.

Monster Repair Systems (MRS) is  the professional equipment for hockey sticks repairing . It simplifies repairing process and allows you immediately get the excellent result. The system has better abilities in comparison with market competitors. Using our equipment you will be able to repair shafts and blades with high quality and 100% result

With the purchase of MR’s systems you will get access to various discounts and benefits including advertising of your repair shops globally and locally through the Internet.

We also provide our clients with sets for various shaft (inserts, a sealant, sleeves, pitch, a hardener, etc.) and stick’s blades (fabrics, cliches).