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Why MRS?

MRS has created a unique product for the hockey sticks’ repair based on experts’ experience in the field of epoxy resin production as well as the range tests and various scientific documentation of IR radiation interaction and electromagnetic waves on polymers. Our equipment provides you an opportunity to any complexity repair by maximum impact to consumable materials. This equipment allows you to create a unique service based on industrial technologies used much more the production of hockey sticks.

Our technologies give you a number of advantages that are not available to your competitors:

  • save customer’s time save: minimum repair time before going to the ice;
  • your time save: minimum time to prepare the sticks for repair;
  • minimum time for handling the sticks after repair;
  • your money saves: minimizing costs by reduction of consumable materials use;
  • handier repair;
  • health care technology for workman;
  • workspace area ergonomics;
  • customer’s claim absence by the technology process following.
“Cold curing” method

“Cold curing” is the most widespread method of hockey sticks’ repair. This method does not fully follow the industrial hockey sticks production technology also by using high quality reinforced materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, epoxy resin). The lack of basic processes of impact to reinforced materials’ properties and its structure. The curing process runs with room temperature condition whereby epoxy resin gains 60-80% of final strength. The final curing is achieved after 72-148 hours at 20-24 ° C.

“Hot curing” method

In a purpose to enhance epoxy resin quality is necessary to supply heat treatment for 0.5-8 hours. The exposure time depends on the components that used in repair. Heating the components or composite at the same time facilitates mixing, reduces the probability of bubbles formation as well as accelerates strength appearance. The basic approach of this process – is to strengthen the molecular bonds in polymers. To minimize heat effect to the components during hockey sticks repair is used local method cause components characteristics could be changed during the heating process and detrimental effect could appears. The components heating by electromagnetic radiation penetrates and orders the polymer structure more deeply, giving a volume tricthermal effect, thereby it provides a complete cure comparing other curing methods for epoxy resins. The value of adhesive strength during hockey sticks repair depends on the pressure to the components form. The same time there are some cases the value of shrinkage reduced during thermosetting to 3- 4% instead of 8-15% when it without pressure. The thickness and uniformity of the appeared adhesive layer depends on pressure to components that load on hard surfaces. Pressure contributes to obtain a uniform thickness, as well as the partial displacement of air bubbles and other volatile products. Hydrostatic compression under high pressure inhibits separation processes binders in FRP, and as a result increase of their strength characteristics.