STRICT for shaft

S c r o l l D o w n

STRICT for shaft

STRICT for hockey sticks repair in shaft.


The technology is intended to restore the hockey sticks in the shaft by internal repair (cartridge filling method). It allows you to quickly and easily combine the two parts of the broken stick by spending a minimum amount of time.

Operation approach.

Place the tripod on a horizontal surface (thickness of the tabletop should be less 100 mm). Place the STRICT system on the tripod and secure it to a comfortable height. To install the club in the system, the ends of the hockey pipe in the repair area should be treated, cavities should be grooved, and the surface should be degreased. Install the sealant to prevent the binder from leaking below the repair area using a pusher Install the cartridge with a reinforcing coating. Place the bottom of the club in the lower bracket of the STRICT system. Place the upper part of the stick in the upper holder of the system, after removing the tech. plug on the handle. Align two parts of the stick so that the cutting line is in the manual operation area of the STRICT system (the central part of the system). Wrap the docking area of the two parts of the stick with tape. Use the rulers to adjust the position of the pipes. Pour the prepared binder into the hollow of the stick after the symmetry is checked only. After curing, the stick could be removed from the system and proceed to the next step.